Monday 7 October 2019

FAKE BAKE talks new looks and ending Ibiza season with Lewis Capaldi - our super stylist Jess Walsh is back….

There we were. Having a Monday morning catch up at work when spotted our friend, stylist Jess Walsh, on her Insta stories. Yes, she was in Pikes in Ibiza. Yes, we were jealous. (Come on, we are human!) And there she is, on the karaoke with Lewis Capaldi. Now, here at Team Fake Bake we like to think we have met some pretty famous people between us. But this was a major first, so we decided to have a catch up with the queen of accessorising.

So Jess you had an amazing season - what was Ibiza like?

There is nothing better than sun, sea, music and fashion (with some lovely food and drink, of course!) for your health and well-being! I had the pleasure of shooting and styling within the grounds of the Wi-Ki-Woo hotel and I was lucky enough to meet up with Victoria and some of the Fake Bake team there, and it was so nice to spend some time chatting tanning trends, and hearing about your own trip there.

Wi-Ki-Woo is totally Instagrammable and you always see famous faces - Ferne McCann was shooting there and I also caught up with Love Island’s India Reynolds, who I have styled before - she’s just gorgeous!

Pikes was an amazing last minute night out - it really is quite something and has a lot of rock heritage attached to it: a fave of Freddie Mercury, and the home of many iconic pop videos. My friend and I decided to have what we thought would be quiet one - until I met Lewis Capaldi in the bath! Just to be clear, there is a bathroom themed room at Pikes! I couldn’t believe it was him at first - until he shared his karaoke mic with me. I haven’t got the best voice in the world, but I have been told I look like I can sing - it’s like fashion, if you have some confidence you can carry it off. Singing Valerie as a duo was a highlight, and we did a few Christmas songs as well. You’ve got to haven’t you? He was a really amazing guy, and I’ll definitely sing a few tunes in his honour when Christmas comes around….

Another great night was at STK which was a really party place for me and the teams I was working with - our models loved it!

And to add a bit of extra fun I got a VIP pass to Bongo’s Bingo and won 50 Euros. I’m just glad it wasn’t a vacuum cleaner….

I never got tired of watching the sunset, even if it was on the beach having a quiet night with a bottle of water and good friends. Of course, you can have a great night at Mambo’s, but when you are working, it’s great to just chill and get ready for the next big shoot.

We noticed you’ve been really busy styling since we last spoke. How’s it going?

I have been working in the North West a lot for brands like Boohoo and Misspap which I love, as they are familiar to me as labels both myself and my friends wear - we all love some affordable fashion! I have just signed on to do some freelance work for brands like Next - I love a fresh challenge. I loved being in Ibiza working on shoots and collaborations but most of them involved bikinis. It was all super-glam but I did miss my accessories - it’s good to be back!

Any tips for the new season - we’d love your thoughts on style, life… and tanning!

One thing I remembered over the summer is that fashion often borrows elements from the past - I had loads of chats with my nan about this who flew over to Ibiza to see me! She’s 70 and I took her to Ocean B with me - no-one batted an eyelid!

No matter what trends are appearing you have to go with what makes you feel and look good - wear it with confidence. I noticed a lot of yellow, beige and tumeric shades over the summer, and they are carrying through to this season. I have just styled the Lavish Alice collection for A/W and it’s lush - classic black, purples, pinks and blues are such rich tones.

The 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s are all referenced this season and the shoulder is back - the bigger, the better! These were everywhere on the catwalks, especially at Saint Laurent, and it’s a look that has filtered down. Silk blouses are everywhere, and florals and checks are back, too, and go for a new, small, structured bag.

For nights out, when showing a little skin is always in, I always rely on my Fake Bake Tanning Water, which Victoria and the team introduced me to over the summer. I’m always on the go and as it’s super light and easy to apply, it gives me a gorgeous glow with no fuss.

I have had an amazing year so far this year, and have so many exciting plans for next year. I saw an interview with Dame Helen Mirren recently and her life advice not only do you have to see an opportunity - you have to recognise it, too! So if I get a sense that something is positive then I go for it. I don’t think summer gets any better than salmon and fizz at STK, but this year’s highlight has to be my quirky night out with Lewis, doing karaoke in the coolest setting on the island…

Until next time…..

After our lovely chat with Jess, we all felt enthusiastic and positive - she has that effect on you, plus she knows every way to tie a silk scarf that has ever been invented. Having been introduced not just to Jess but also to her mum, Jacqui, and her legendary nan, we can see that style is in the genes, too.

I Met Lewis Capaldi In The Bath.

It’s a headline that writes itself really, isn’t it?

Fake Bake Tanning Water is available at

All other images courtesy of Jess Walsh

You can follow Jess on Insta @styledbyjw


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